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If you've enjoyed using PHP, and you always wanted to give something back to the community, now is your chance: PHP Test Fest 2009!

What is PHP Test Fest?

PHP Test Fest 2009 gives you the opportunity to test the core of PHP providing better code coverage which will result in a more stable and more reliable version of PHP.

Why should I participate?

By participating this event, you'll have the following benefits:

   * You'll get to learn more about the PHP internals
   * You'll learn more about testing code
   * You can learn in group and discuss with fellow participants
   * You'd be doing the PHP community a big favor
   * You might end up on the PHP website for the fame and glory (see article of last year)

What do I need to participate?

In order to participate, you need at least a PC/Mac with the possibility to run a virtual machine (VMWare or VirtualBox), since we'll provide a virtual machine you can use to write tests.

If you want to run your own setup, make sure to take the latest version of PHP 5.3 (CVS or Snaps).

Food and drinks are being provided by our sponsor of the event Combell.

More information about PHP TestFest can be found at

Official Website:

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