Salford University
Greater Manchester, England M5 4WT

The PHP Test Fest ( is an event aimed at bringing the community together and contributing to PHP all at the same time. The idea is that a group of PHP people meet up, get shown how to write tests for PHP, and then we write some and submit them to the main PHP project. The PHP QA team will then review and potentially accept our tests.

The venue is easy to get to either by car or public transport. Food won't be provided so bring some lunch and we'll pop over to the nice local pub afterwards for those who have time to hang around.

**spaces are limited, please indicate you are coming!**

For you: a great chance to hang out with PHP people and improve PHP (without writing C)
For PHP: better test coverage

Its a great way to contribute, all you need is a laptop, some PHP programming experience, and some enthusiasm!

Added by lornajane on April 1, 2009