SW Broadway & Yamhill
Portland, Oregon

Come join Thomas Hawk and a few other photographers for a photowalking expedition Portland, OR style.

We will start at 2pm at the Pioneer Courthouse Square and shoot from there.

This photowalk is a work in progress, so if you have ideas on how to contribute or make it more successful please chime in.

Bring you DSLR or your point and shoot or your old school film camera or whatever else you'd like to shoot, maybe a tripod, maybe not, and come on out and join us. Everyone is welcome regardless of your photo skill level. It will be a great time to learn more, shoot, and hang out with other like-minded photographers.

Added by thomashawk on January 17, 2008



Yay! Glad to hear you're coming to PDX. Been wanting to go on a photowalking expedition! Good exercise for my first DSLR (Nikon D40).

Lyza Danger Gardner

Hi! I heard about this through Mr. Bancroft. Have you given any thought to maybe having a theme or a pseudo-"assignment' we could complete on the walk? I'm happy having it be just relaxed and rule-free, too.

I'll be kickin' it Canon EOS A2 NOT-D SLR (I'm too poor to afford a good DSLR, so I'll bring a real one).


Nice, I almost drove off the road when I got the twitter message. I'm there, until I must leave for work at the radio station.


I will be there, talk trash about Mr. Bancroft's Nikon D40 with my Rebel XTI and my fancy-pants L-series lenses (j/k). This will be the perfect reason to buy a couple more 4GB CF cards and a 2nd battery.

Celine C

I'd be there if I could. Have fun in Portland, TH.


I would love to be there, but I am in Vancouver, Canada (I know not too far), but I don't have a visa to get into the US. I will try though :)


Sounds like fun. I'll be there.


I'm looking forward to it.


Any specific plans for the shooting? coz after 4:00PM it's gonna be
fairly dark here, Pearl district night view is pretty good, and Portland
is good for bridge shot as well. I would like to find out a few spot for
Portland night skyline shot.


Behind OMSI is a good place for skyline shots, but there's not much around there otherwise. It is close to a bus stop (#83 I think?), but I think it's too far away from everything else in general, unless you want to shoot industrial.


Looking forward to capturing some inside angles.


After it gets dark, I'd highly recommend shooting the Pearl district and then the Bridges. Portland does a great job of lighting up their bridges for some gorgeous views...


I'm looking forward to this, it sounds like great fun


sounds interesting.. can't wait...


Watched an episode of you photowalking in San Fran on Scoble's website; looks fun!

I'm there.

Ian Crane

Unfortunately I will not be there. However, I will be in Portland the weekend of the 14th, for family business. Does anyone want to meet with me to one of the days of that weekend?

I really wish i could be there for the big event.


I've waited so long for one of these and now find that I cannot attend. Hope you guys have a great time!


Damn! I missed it. When is the next one?