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How about going to PhotoSF (http://www.artfairsinc.com/photosf/2006/) together, what better way to learn about photography than to walk around, learn and drink wine together. I have been most years and always learn and get inspired.

Afterwards how about a photo stroll through the ( Marina district) ending with some food and drinks.

Official Website: http://www.artfairsinc.com/photosf/2006/

Added by pinhole on July 8, 2006



Sounds like fun. Has a meeting spot been decided yet?


It sounds like fun. I've never attended PhotoSF, so I'm not sure what to expect from the exhibitors.

However, I'm very interested in attending the Steve McCurry lecture at 4 PM.

Thanks for posting this!


These are some of the best photo galleries in the world. They have an amazing cross section of the best modern and some classic photos. I think this is 10x better than visiting the photography section in the Metropolitan museum of Art in NY.

Lets meet in the cafe of the exhibit at 2pm. Just walk in and quickly through the hall, the food is typically about 2/3 of the way in.


If you want to see Steve McCurry, that's $10 extra and you'll probably want to book it in advance.


I may be sailing that day, but if not, I'd be quite interested in checking it out!


Boy, I'd love to come, too bad I have to wait for the guy to fix my cable from 1-3...


so sorry that i will be visting with family.. have a great time! and snarf some ideas for flickrcamp.


I'm in.

See you in the cafe at 2!


I'll see you guys at 2, but won't be going on the extended stroll later. It's Kay's (yuzu's) b'day today.


I am heading for the city right now for some biking, will look for you guys at 2.