100 Camden High Street
London, England NW1 0LU

Artful Festival presents PHOTOSESSION
Wednesday 21st October

Live Music : Rhiannon The Nightmare + Special Guest

DJ Hosts : The Heartbreakers

Photography : Karen Toftera, Andy Willsher, Polly Yuill

Visuals : The Blue Light District + photography, boozing and dancin'

Camden Head, 100 Camden Road, London NW1
8pm Party. £5 / £3 NUS or list.

An ARTFUL introduction as North West and South East London unite. LOVE LOVE LOVE

You are invited to the essential, in the flesh experience of Rhiannon
The Nightmare live. Country punk supreme from a wild gal with a
soulful presence.

There will also be a special guest playing a tribute to Elliott Smith.
An exciting talent that Smith's band (among other high profilers) have
given the thumbs up to, and a rising star in their own right.

These two essential live performances happen at an exhibition come experiment.
Andy Willsher (iconic album sleeves, portraits etc and various
publications including NME) http://www.andywillsher.com

... + one half ofour deadly DJ rock divas, Karen Toftera (various publications
including The Fly ) http://www.shotonstage.co.uk...

+ Polly Yuill (rock
exhibition First 3 Songs No Flash throughout November at The Albany
Theatre - http://www.polstarphotography.com)

are having their work larged as projection exhibits by
art/music/film/ comedy collective The Blue Light District.

At the same time the audience, with it's high percentage of artists of
all kinds (MTB is a collective of art powered music makers & lovers)
are invited to pose and new music photographers are invited to snap
away. As The Pulse recently noted about Artful events "Nothing's
really organised until it's already happened" or NME of previous
shenanigans "More DIY than B&Q". Tell you what though, a fraction of
the future will have been created by the end of the evening and some
new friends.

Bring flyers & badges to swap with NX Boutique / Deptford Armymassive
as there's definitely a vibe of what Time Out calls "The riotous
Rocklands scene" in the house tonight. Rhiannon The Nightmare's
drummer, for instance, is the increasingly in demand
artist/illustrator Getliffe http://www.getliffe.com/ - in short an
evening of multi talent tasking with added hugs. X

"the merry madness that seems to accompany most happenings in the area
fondly referred to as rocklands" (south london press newspaper)

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