Arie Stavchansky of the University of Texas at Austin will teach a two-week Workshop on Photorealistic 3D Graphics Rendering and Simulation June 16-28 at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL). The class will run from 09:00 to 18:00 each day.

Material: Photorealistic rendering assists problem solving in scientific, economic, instructional, entertainment, and artistic disciplines. This course surveys the uses of photorealistic 3D computer graphics which range from advertising campaigns to the modeling molecular structures, and delves into the process for creating such imagery. Students are introduced to 3DStudioMax and Mental Ray applications, but will be taught so that they can approach any type of 3D application.

Instructor: Arie Stavchansky is currently a lecturer in the Radio-Television-Film department after having completed his PhD in 2007. His dissertation topic was “The Perceived Credibility of Television News in Relationship to the Diffusion of Digital Post-Production Techniques”. These last few years he has been teaching Special Effects & Design Studio in RTF. His research interests include: Media credibility; Sociological effects of interactive techniques used to produce digital media content; Codification of design knowledge and artistic expression into computational systems; Technique discovery and development for simulation and visual effects; History and mechanization of image-making techniques, and its impact on culture; Prototyping novel interfaces for human–computer interaction.

Admission: Admission to the workshop requires an application ("candidatura"). Submission deadline is May 5, 2008. Please see the website for details.

Sponsorship: The workshop is part of the Summer Institute in Digital Media of the UT Austin|Portugal Program.

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