517 Lincoln Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202

The cost of the workshop is $25 and will include all the
materials necessary to make the pinhole cameras in class.
Students will keep their pinhole cameras and materials
provided for them during the session.

Expand your working knowledge of pinhole photography with this advanced class. Students will learn advanced concepts such as multiple pinholes, angled and curved film planes, anamorphic pinhole images, and film pinhole photography. There will also be a demonstration on how to scan pinhole negatives into the computer, resize them for large prints, and adjust the contrast to enhance the pinhole image.

A working darkroom will allow students to come and go as they please to load cameras and develop paper negatives. Students should have a working knowledge of making a pinhole camera and basic black and white darkroom print development (which is covered in the beginner pinhole class) before taking this class.

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Online registration is now open for the classes: