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Over the last few years the popularity of Holga & Diana Cameras has soared. These cult plastic fantastic cameras, that were made in the Far East, have become really popular with trendy shops and all sorts of non-photographic companies selling them. The rise of the digital camera has also helped this as well, with people looking for a more simple and free shooting experience.

The cameras themselves are very simple and basic, however they take a little while to get used to and to get the most out of them. The film they use is very different to the standard 35mm film that most people are used to.

The aim of this short workshop is to help people understand their Holga & Diana Cameras, and to get them to shoot better shots with the cameras.

The course is loosely broken down into

• Short history of the cameras
• Differences between Holgas & Dianas
• Different types of cameras and accessories available
• Understanding your camera
• 120 film, different types & recommendations
• How to load the cameras properly
• Examples of different techniques
• Tips & tricks
• Common mistakes & advice from a developing lab
• Photowalk

The workshop will run on a Sunday 10am to 2pm and will include two films and a photo walk around Brighton.

Official Website: http://garage-studios.co.uk/courses/holga-diana-camera-workshop

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