13-16 Vine Street
brighton, England BN1 4AG

The course is aimed at those who have an interest, but not a good base knowledge of their camera, but also those who know their stuff, but have run out of inspiration……

The course will look at Camera Use, from basic to advanced, but is more a theory based course- with students encouraged to take on practical exercises each week.

Areas will include:
Composition and Subject.
Aperture control.
Shutter Speed.
Depth of Field.
Picking the right lens.
Types of Camera to use. (the benefits and drawbacks of different formats).
Film and Digital iso.
Colour Theory.
Artificial Light vs Daylight.
Individual Projects.
And more….

At the same time we will focus on some great Photographers, split into easy to to understand sections, such as Richard Avedon, Gavin Watson, Stephen Shore, Sally Mann, Diane Arbus, Gary Winogrand, Dorothy Lange, William Egglestone, David LaChappelle, Robert Frank.

This is not an exhaustive list , and is fairly heavily planted in American photography, with a brief look at film, but as I (DarkDaze) am a photographer not a lecturer I find it easier to talk via work I am interested in or has been a big influence. This course will be also led by feedback from students- if you have an area of interest we will try to cover it.

We will also be looking at the above and how it can help you understand your own photography, its only an 8 week course, but should leave you knowledgeable about your camera but also full of projects and ideas for shoots, from Street to Studio.

Official Website: http://garage-studios.co.uk/courses/photography-course-brighton

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