290 California Ave
Palo Alto, California 94306

"Under the Surface" is a group photography show that will be held from January 13 - March 31 at the Keeble and Shuchat Gallery at 290 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA.

Here is the group on Flickr and some of the work is already in the pool - http://www.flickr.com/groups/underthesurface/

We are having a reception on Saturday, Feburary 4th from 1-4pm. If you are in the area, please come over -- it will be a lot of fun!

This show features 7 photographers who first met on Flickr. We are active in the Blurvision,
Pinhole, Toycamera.com, Toy Cameras, and Holgagraphy.

Mark (aka Pinhole) decided to organize this show with a group of other Flickr photographers who have a wide range of images in this particular photographic style. We hope this will encourage other people to consider doing shows with their Flickr collegues.

The photographers in this show use toy cameras, pinhole cameras and other techniques to create photographs that are not literal representations of the visual world -- and often there is some hidden meaning, emotion or subtext in the image.

Susan B. - Susan Burnstine, of Los Angeles, CA

foreversouls - Tree & J Hensdill, of Craverton, NC

Pinhole - Mark Interrante, of Redwood City, CA

froupster - Suzi Livingstone, of London, England

erin_designr - Erin Malone, of San Jose, CA

Kalloosh - Kelly McCracken, of Chicago, IL

outofcontxt - Bill Vaccaro, of Chicago, IL

The venue is The Gallery at Keeble and Shuchat -- a large, well-known photography store and gallery and a historic part of the local photography community. This gallery is in Palo Alto, the "capital" of Silicon Valley, less than a mile from the Stanford University campus, so there are many active professional and serious amateur photograhers in this area. For more info on K&S and their venue - www.kspphoto.com

Added by pinhole on January 11, 2006



Awesome! If I make it out there that week, I'll definitely stop by. I didn't even know that KSP had a gallery hiding in their stores somewhere.



great idea!


Keeble's is at this point the only local Rodinal supply (hopefully thyey still are!) so you KNOW I'll be there