148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

A one day conference based on the Bar Camp principal (www.barcamp.org) but focussed solely on the arts, technicalities and pleasures of photography and photographic imagemaking. Note: this is the first of it's kind in the UK!

Workshops currently to be decided but zones will include:

- Photoshop Training Suite
- Studio / Strobist Lighting
- Camera Techniques
- On the day project(s)
- Discussion Groups

Price - FREE
Who can come? Anyone with an interest in photography - from anywhere, of any age (might be 18+ for insurance purposes... will check) - and this is not attached to a specific photosharing website.

At the moment this is at the planning stage; but join up and we'll notify you when there is more information.

Note: registration will follow shortly - please do not assume you have a place based on this indication on upcoming.org! This is a way of distributing information and measuring interest.

Official Website: http://www.photocamp.org.uk

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Help define what happens at PhotoCamp - join our discussion forum... http://groups.google.co.uk/group/photocamp-leeds-2008


Registration will commence on 1st July - sign up here and we'll message you in advance...


Hmmm - email isn't working.


Hi everyone - thanks for registering your interest in Photocamp Leeds {2008} you can now register to attend! Visit www.photocamp.org.uk for more information.


Disclaimer: Indications of attendance here show intent only. Actual attendance requires registration!


This is a great idea, hope all goes well


One Hundred Delegates Signed Up!