Biltmore Fashion Park 2468 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

The Viddler team is coming to Phoenix! We thought this would be a good opportunity to meet some of our Viddlers in the Phoenix area. If you would like to meet your fellow Viddlers, and the Viddler team, please consider attending.

This is simply an informal social gathering. Come by and say hello, stay as long as you'd like. Please help spread the word about this event through word-of-mouth, your blog, twitter, - or just bring a friend!

If you require any additional information - use the comment form below.

SIDE NOTE: If you are worried you'll miss your chance to get Mac OS X Leopard (which comes out the same day as this meetup) - there is an Apple Store very close to Coffee Plantation. Two birds, one stone.

Official Website:

Added by cdevroe on October 19, 2007



If I'm in town, I'll definitely be there!


Sounds Good. I am going to do everything in my power to be there.And i have a lot of power.




If only Phoenix were in New York.


masto: We can party in New York anytime!


I have to work, but I will try to make it afterwards. It seems like an interesting site.


sounds like fun!


tchapin: RSVP RSVP!


Alright, I have cleared it. It will be a busy month with all the driving back and forth between this and Podcamp AZ, but i think it will be good.

Clintus McGintus

Damn, I'll be out of town this weekend. So pissed to miss this!


Wow, this is going to be fun!


In my town i make it out like viddler is the biggest thing nobody has heard of. So when i say that I am meeting the viddler guys they get all excited for me. There's going to be a parade about it on Saturday morning when i get back.


Can someone create a group on here relating to Viddler events? Therefore, one can join the group and keep track of it here.

Clintus McGintus

wish I could have made this. Any plans on coming back around?