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Since this month commemorates the 103rd anniversary of Ayn Rand's birthday, we will watch some videotapes of interviews of Ms. Rand that I was able to obtain at No Free Lunch Distributors.

The first interview we will watch is Ayn Rand being interviewed by T.V. journalist Tom Snyder. In this video, despite not having read Ms. Rand's books, Snyder's disarming personality elicits some of the personal sides of Ayn Rand while at the same time gives an excellent insight into her and Objectivist philosophy.

The next interview we will watch is when Ms. Rand is interviewed by Mike Wallace. This interview was conducted during the 1950's and what is so marvelous about this interview is the way Ms. Rand explains her radical philosophy to Mike Wallace with all of her grace and candor.

The total time to watch the videos will be a little over an hour and a half and we will discuss the points each interview brings up after finishing.

Official Website: http://phoenixobjectivists.blogspot.com

Added by VivaJefferson on December 27, 2007