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Henri Oguike’s fiery Signal, sets five performers against the pounding rhythms of Japanese Taiko drums. Originally employed to issue commands and coordinate movements on the battlefield, their rumbling power was enough to intimidate the enemy. The dancers make energetic and precise response to their authority.

“drew on the stealth, control and wonderful physicality… every muscle in tune with the martial beat of the Japanese Taiko drums…” The Guardian, Feb 2004

Jane Dudley: Harmonica Breakdown

Phoenix are privileged to have been given permission to stage a rare revival of Jane Dudley’s 1938 masterpiece, Harmonica Breakdown. This uplifting solo to Sonny Terry’s Blues, sees a female dancer pit her irrepressible positivity against the Great American Depression. Against almost impossible odds her indignation blooms, giving birth to a radiant soul.

"a tour de force... images of American black life and art flow by in the solo's brief and tumultuous unfolding." New York Times

Javier De Frutos: Untitled 1

Javier De Frutos premieres new choreography, featuring the dramatic music of Stravinsky’s Les Noces (The Wedding). This iconic choral work for dance has been reimagined as a male quartet especially for Phoenix. Javier celebrates the strength of the male company members - introducing our new dancers to the audience.

“De Frutos’ choreography is filled with such ravishingly sensual rhythms that he makes even death sexy.” The Times

Henrique Rodovalho: Untitled

Brazilian Henrique Rodovalho’s choreography has been performed all over the world but he makes his UK debut with a Phoenix commission. He creates sinuous movement, laced with humour, emotion and an influence from capoeira martial arts. The dancers perform in a shifting world created by film projections to a soundtrack of traditional South American beats.

“Explosive physicality, its speed, and attacks echoing capoeira and other martial arts’ proved to be the most engaging attribute.” Dance Magazine

Official Website: http://www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk

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