323 E 6th St
Austin, Texas 78701

The final battle for top agency is here.
5 remain, and there can be only 1.
You are invited to watch the creativity unfold.

Join Refresh Austin, at the PhizzPop Design Challenge, the official Refresh Austin party. Refresh Austin welcomes fellow Web professionals from across the United States to network and throw back a few cold ones while watching the competition unfold.

Each of the regional winners: Thirteen23, Clarity, Cynergy, CreateTheGroup, and AKQA will battle it out in the final design challenge during SXSW Interactive at Maggie Mae’s on Monday, March 10th at 7pm. Starting promptly at 7pm, each team will be presenting their solution to the problem entitled “21st Century Citizenship.” Open Bar and snacks will be provided. Thousands of dollars in prizes will be raffled off to attendees. Free T-shirts will be given to the first 100 attendees.

The problem statement is a challenge to create an engagement spanning multiple platforms including Mobile, Web, Desktop, Media Center, Portable, and Kiosk that harnesses the power of social media and other Web 2.0 concepts to engage all types of people and help them collect and evaluate information about relevant issues (be they social, political etc.). Online identity, privacy, authority of online sources, and self-regulating community are all issues that will need to be addressed by the challenge. Pulling directly from the Problem Statement: “We devote so much design energy to creating an iPod, or a BMW, why not do the same for our democracy?” Look forward to more updates on the progress of the teams and check out their bios & information at http://designchallenge.phizzpop.com/finale.aspx.

The evening will be hosted by Emmy Robbin of www.metelevision.com as the MC of the final event in Austin. You can check out her Rock and Roll online show called "Red River Rocks". You may recognize Emmy from ME Television, Grindhouse, American Idol, or one of her many other media engagements. She is pumped up and looking forward to being a part of Microsoft's PhizzPop Design Challenge Finale at SXSW.

Attendees must either be wearing their SXSW badge or have registered at http://designchallenge.phizzpop.com prior to the event.

Learn more about Phizzpop at http://phizzpop.visitmix.com/.

Official Website: http://designchallenge.phizzpop.com/finale.aspx

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Howdy Refresh!

If you are interested in Ruby on Rails or would like to meet up with Rails developers, please stop by the Austin on Rails Happy Hour at Buffalo Billiards before the Refresh party.



As part of RefreshCleveland I'm looking forward to meeting some counterparts from other Refresh cities.


added to the shared community calendar at the Insider's Guide http://sxsw.ning.com

Mike Brenner

Hi -- Just launched Refresh Baltimore and we're having our first event the day before I leave for SXSW. I look forward to meeting all you PhizzPop'ers and the rest of you Refresh'ers.