Port Sunlight
Liverpool, England CH625HA

It's time for Philstock again!

Many of you are still laughing about (and recovering from ?) last years Gangsta extravaganza..

Well, here's the chance to do it all again, with a slightly different spin.
This year we're celebrating a joint Birthday with Abi Wood who's turning the big 30!
Lets make sure we embarrass the birthday kids by turning up dressed as Phil or Abi from one of their more embarrassing eras!

Here are a few ideas:

Guitar Hero Phil
Afro Phil
Snowboard Phil
Baby Phil
Previous Fancy Dress Phil
Whatever else you can think of!

Raver Abi
Surfer Abi
Sex in the City
Baby Abi
Wedding Abi
Previous Fancy Dress Abi

Location: Corniche Rd, Port Sunlight, CH62 5HA
Date: 14/07/06
Time: 7:00 (BBQ) 9:00 (Party)

Added by blything on July 2, 2007