6322 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90038

PHIL THE VOID; THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY, with direction by David Fofi, is a one man show that is not quite stand-up, not exactly a comedic monologue, but something more closely resembling "Philosophical Comedy". Van Hest articulates the unspoken rebellion lurking in his audience’s subconscious on matters of online social networking, banking in America and the Code of Hammurabi.
THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY, has been playing the Fringe Festival circuits from LA to Indianapolis to Phoenix.
Nuvo, Indy’s Alternative Voice said; “ ... His show is a delicious combination of intellectual and guttural — and is one of the most dependable tickets at the IndyFringe…" "... a cult-icon, moving to prime-time Fringe status with sell-out shows.”

Born and raised in Davis, CA, Indonesia, Australia, The Netherlands and Rhode Island, van Hest got tired of moving right after moving to Los Angeles. After five years touring North America and Australia performing comedy, van Hest is prepared for humble crow pie in Los Angeles, where people don't seem to be all that interested in theatre, unless there's TV involved somehow.
Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the door or at www.philvanhest.com.

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“If Phil van Hest were to start a religion, I'd be the first in line for baptism.” -Winnipeg Sun
“…vigorous, humorous, and disarming.” - James Scarborough - Long Beach Grunion Gazette
“Van Hest’s latest show deals with our need for connectivity, a topic that leads him into the Internet, the economic collapse, belching and naked hang gliding...” - Indianapolis Business Journal
“…with staggering intelligence, he analyzes the causes and effects of the Void and his analysis, funny, guttural at times, but always to the point, is the stuff with which he fills it.” - James Scarborough - Long Beach Grunion Gazette
“Highly recommended.”- Indianapolis Business Journal