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The Phantom lives deep in the recesses of the Paris Opera House, well hidden from cruel and prying eyes. But when he falls in love with the beautiful Christine, he becomes aware of his intense loneliness; in desperation, the Phantom kidnaps his love and carries her back to his secret lair. Assuring Christine that he will never harm her, he asks only one thing: that she never remove his mask. Best-known today for the long-running, Tony Award-winning Broadway adaptation and its score by Andrew Lloyd Weber, the original 'Phantom of the Opera' is a timeless film classic that features a shocking and groundbreaking performance by legendary actor and make-up wizard Lon Chaney. Alloy Orchestra is world famous for its ability to create beautiful and unusual music in a spectacular variety of styles using a unique combination of found percussive objects (their "rack of junk") and state-of-the-art electronic synthesizers.

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