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Every unhappy oil-producing nation is unhappy in its own way. But each is touched by what’s known as the resource curse — the power of oil to harm rather than help the countries that possess it. Oil extraction in Nigeria has led to village poverty and mass protest. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s campaign to nationalize oil stirred controversy. In Angola, oil has driven separatist conflict. Around the world oil vastly enriches small ruling classes, degrades the environment, and destabilizes political and economic institutions as prices fluctuate. Peter Maass, New York Times Magazine writer and author of Crude World, visits Zócalo to explore the consequences of gas-guzzling, the paradox of plenty, and how to cure our addiction to oil.
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But always remember that there are no oil-cursed politicians, governments, policymakers or journalists for that matter... there are only oil-cursed citizens.

Per Kurowski

An oil-cursed citizen

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