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Peter bjorn and john

You might not recognise the name straight away, but you've almost certainly heard that song...It starts off with surging, funky drums, addictive maraca shaking, crazy bongos and a pleasantly lo-fi bass-line; all this wrapped up in a whistling melody – the result sounds like a mix of a wild west B-movie and a schoolyard full of fuel-engine kids. That song is "Young Folks", by Peter, Bjorn And John, and it's just one of the gems on their latest album, "Writer's Block".

If you haven't come across the band before you will find their sound and expression is unique, playful and alive; and with "Writer´s Block", Peter Bjorn and John have made one of the best albums 2006.

Peter Morén from Dalarna in the North of Sweden and Björn Yttling from Västerbotten - even further to the North - had been playing music together for 8 years when they in 1999 met John - from Norrbotten - which would you believe it is yet even further to the North!

The following year they started a band and simply called it Peter, Bjorn and John - not due to lack of better names - but because it felt right. Band names are often ridiculous - so why not just go for your own name? First they thought that they would recruit a bass player but after the well known saying "3 is a crowd" thus more than enough - the keyboard player Björn began playing bass. Live the band have learned to use the little format to its advantage and in the studio well let's just say they have been known to do overdubs...!


Official Website: http://www.tctmusic.co.uk/index.php?action=preview&gig=1107

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