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Perth Fair City prepares for huge military parade to mark Perth Day

Perth is set to host the biggest Scottish military parade of 2010 as part of the spectacular Perth Day celebrations on Friday 2 July.

Over 800 marchers from the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Veterans Associations and youth organisations will parade through Perth city centre in what promises to be a must-see event.

They will be joined by four pipe bands and two military bands, as well as a variety of military vehicles from Word War Two.

The parade will pass a dais in Tay Street, where it will take the salute of Provost John Hulbert and the Lord Lieutenant of Perth and Kinross Brigadier Mel Jameson, as well as guests from Perth’s twin towns and cities around the globe.

Delegations from Aschaffenburg in Germany, Pskov in Russia, Cognac in France, Haiku in China, Bydgoszcz in Poland and Perth, Ontario, Canada, will all be flying in for the Perth Day celebrations. All will be dressed in their full civic dress.

The parade will begin at approximately 11.35am from Rose Terrace, and process along Atholl Street, into Kinnoull Street, down High Street, into St John’s Place, down South Street, then along Tay Street to the North Inch where representative of the Armed Forces will meet the VIPs.

The event has been organised by the 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, the Perth-based battalion which was granted Freedom of the City earlier this year.

Provost Hulbert said: “This parade promises to be one of the major highlights of all the Perth 800 celebrations. It will be the biggest parade of its kind held in Scotland this year, and one of the biggest Perth has ever seen.

“Representatives from the Army, Marines, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force will all march in full colours. They will be accompanied by veterans, many of whom will ride in vehicles used in the Second World War. The Scouts. Brownies and cadet forces will also join the march. A total of six pipe and military bands will be positioned along the parade.

“I am very proud that I will be able to welcome delegations from all of Perth’s twin cities to enjoy this unique event. It will be a riot of colour and noise, and will represent all that is best about our Armed Forces and our young people. I look forward to it immensely and would urge the people of Perth and Kinross to come out in force to show their support for our Forces.”

7SCOTS comment: ‘It is tremendous that with our sister battalion, The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the pulling power of Perth’s reputation that we have been able to assemble so large a serving and retired naval, military, and airforce contingent. It reflects the strong links which we in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces have with the population and city of Perth. We are also grateful to the youth organisations for their enthusiasm to be involved in the march, which includes the Pipes and Drums of Strathallan School, Morrison’s Academy, and Glenalmond College.’

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