365 Fifth Ave, btwn 34th/35th Sts
New York City, New York 10016

The next Personal Democracy Forum conference is THE post-election summit bringing together political figures, grassroots leaders, journalists and technology professionals to discuss the questions that lie at the intersection of technology and politics - to take a realistic look at where we are now and where we are headed.

  • Hear unique viewpoints
  • Learn about election Case Studies
  • Understand emerging Trends in Online Politics
  • Watch panels focusing on real-world challenges and solutions
  • Meet industry leaders, journalists, technologists and political practitioners

Hear about individual experiences that shaped strategy and practice during an election that defined the online political landscape. Learn about emerging trends and applications that are changing the relationships between candidates and voters, as well as among voters. Watch as the world of politics meets the world of information technology and listen to how individuals are getting involved in the political life of their country on their own terms. Meet the politicians, the technologists, and the movers and shakers of the personal democracy movement.

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