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Fortune 500 companies are tapping into the vast resources of online social networks. But should you?

If someone posts a video of your issue or candidate on YouTube, will it hinder or help your efforts?

You've already heard the buzz about MySpace – one of the most visited sites on the Web. But did you know that political operatives are successfully rallying social network members around candidates and causes.

Or that groups like Care2, Townhall, and Act for Love have already developed healthy online social networks of members who donate, volunteer, and share political messages with both their online and offline networks.

Discover how your organization or campaign can leverage online social networks and user generated content in a half-day seminar on social networks and user generated content on Friday, September 15, 2006 at The George Washington University in Washington , DC .

Speakers include:
Jeff Berman (MySpace.com), John deTar (HotSoup), Chuck DeFeo (Townhall.com), Joe Green (Essembly), Andrew Noyes (National Journal's Technology Daily), Eric Alterman (KickApps), Michelle Malkin (blogger and syndicated columnist), Heather Holdridge (Care2), Tom Gerace (Gather.com), and Dan Manatt (PoliticsTV )

At the event the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet will release its new publication, Person-to-Person-to-Person: Harnessing the Political Power of Online Social Networks and User Generated Content, a compendium of advice from 21 leading experts.

Topics at the event and in the publication include:

*How online social networks will affect your bottom line – from fundraising goals, to messaging, to votes.
*Whether or not you can reach more than teenagers on MySpace.
*Steps to recruit thought leaders on social networking sites.
*If you should incorporate offline outreach into your online social networking programs.
*How a small, over-worked organization can enlist supporters to share some of the work.
*Why your organization should join forces with a network of similar groups.
*How your political movement can develop its own social networking site.
*Ways to turn profile buddies into precinct leaders.
*How you can create an echo chamber online.

REGISTER NOW at http://www.ipdi.org/socialnetworking/registration.htm

Official Website: http://www.ipdi.org/socialnetworking/

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