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A film by Giovanna Chesler, Period: The End of Menstruation (www.periodthemovie.com)

"As millions of women and girls take shots and pills to stop their periods, the meaning of menstruation changes. Current marketing of hormonal birth control (Depo-Provera, Seasonale, Seasonique, Lybrel, Anya) attracts customers by promising freedom from monthly periods. For many consumers, menstrual suppression eliminates painful monthly flow, giving them more control in their lives. For others, menstrual suppression represents a frightening shift in thinking about the human body and another dangerous experiment on woman’s health. Period: The End of Menstruation? interrogates the cultural and medical side effects of suppression before 'the curse' disappears."

Speakers: Megan LaLonde and Laura Wershler of the Body Literacy Collective

*FREE* (though a $2 - $5 Donation to cover the cost of the film is appreciated!)

*PRIZES* for anyone who brings 'Menstrual Art' (WHATEVER THAT MEANS TO YOU!)

Official Website: http://haymarketcafe.org

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