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This is a 3 day Performance Testing course presented by Scott Barber.

To be presented in Brighton in May. Final date, location and prices to be confirmed very soon.

Only rarely are sufficient time, resources and skilled individuals available to teams who are developing commercially driven software systems to effectively apply rigorous approaches to performance test that system. In cases where applying rigorous approaches would not be effective, a risk-based, flexible approach to performance testing is needed. Rigorous or not, any approach to performance testing needs to focus on collecting the data necessary both to assist the development team in identifying, prioritizing, and tuning areas of sub-optimal performance and to assist stakeholders in making sound business decisions related to performance risks.

In this course, you will learn:

* Nine core principles found in most successful performance testing projects
* Concise, universal heuristics and models for rapid application of those principles
* How to determine and apply oracles to software system performance criteria
* How to apply the core principles into your team’s development process
* How to plan ahead without reducing your ability to react to change
* How to communicate performance testing concepts to non-performance testers
* How to rapidly design performance tests that will achieve your performance testing objectives

Official Website: http://www.drivenqa.com/training/performance-testing-course-with-scott-barber/

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