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On September 23rd starting at 6 PM and lasting until who knows when, Hop Devil Grill will be paying homage to Pennsylvania breweries like only Hop Devils can. Hop Devil Grill will be pouring exclusively beers from our neighboring state. "Why?", you may ask. "Why the heck not!" is the answer. In their continuing efforts to bring craft brewed beer from around the country to New York City's East Village, Pennsylvania just beckons, you know? The truth is that our friends at Hop Devil Grill were recently able to get their hot little hands on some rare and un-heard beers from the great Victory Brewing Company. They decided, heck, Pennsylvania is also home to some other really great brewing companies, so they also acquired some specialty beers from Troegs, Stoudts and Weyerbacher. According to Wikipedia, PA hosts more than 70 different breweries, so this list is hardly exhaustive. Good though!

What we are saying is, come on out to Hop Devil Grill for PA night on Thursday, September 23rd and bring your friends. Not only will you be the first in your social circle to say that you tried a beer called "Scarlet Sunset Rauchbier", but there is a good probability you'll finish the night with an Abominable Barley Wine and a pair of tickets you won to New York's largest and longest running Pean to brew.

Check out this line up:
Abomninable Barleywine
Fat Dog Stout
Scarlet Lady ESB
Double IPA
Gold Lager

Hops Infusion

Scratch Series
Pale Ale
Dead Reckoning

Baltic Porter
Pursuit Pale with Simcoe
Hop Devil IPA
Village Coffee Brown
Moonglow weizenbock
Scarlet sunset rauchbier

And Victory will have a little magic up our sleeves, yes magic!!!

Added by Victory Sean on September 21, 2010

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