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Alexander Grundner, Linux Desktop Podcasting Basics

In this presentation I'm going to show you how to record and manage audio files for creating a podcast, tagging and optimizing your audio for the web, and tools forrecording interviews over the phone or through a VoIP client. Applications covered will include: Audacity, EasyTAG, Gizmo (maybe Skype), and related Wordpress Plugins.

About Alexander Grundner:
Alexander is the Editor and Publisher of eHomeUpgrade.com, a technology news site dedicated to the Connected Home & Digital Lifestyle where they cover Media Center PC related hardware/software, online content providers, home networking gear, streaming media devices, and industry developments. His interest in Linux started in 2003 with the administration of his servers and then trickled down into his work desktop where he now uses Ubuntu full-time for a variety of multimedia tasks.

Official Website: http://www.penlug.org/twiki/bin/view/Home/MeetingAgenda20070726

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