736 Ponce de Leon Place
Atlanta, Georgia

PEELANDER-Z, the Japanese Action Comic Punk Band, was formed by Peelander-Yellow, Peelander-Blue, and Peelander-Red (claim they are from Z area in the Planet Peelander!!) in 1998, and came into action based in NYC.

These three dress up in color-coordinated costumes about as if they came out of Japanese Animation (claim those are not costumes, but the skin!!!) put on a fun entertainment. Yes, their performance is not just playing music. Have you heard of human bowling, wrestling and kung-fu action, or funny dance at the punk rock shows? Peelander-Z knows how to entertain the audience by dragging them into the show. One experience would capture you!! Peelander-Z is the best of the universe!

Peelander-Z has been appearing not only on the major music festivals like Bonnaroo Music Festival, CMJ and SXSW, but also on the TV programs like Best Week Ever on VH1, Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central and MXC: Most Extreme Challenge on Spike TV, and on Anime Network. They have played with many national bands, such as Buckethead, Electric Six, Particles, and more. Also they've performed at many other major Anime conventions and the festivals all over the US. Just pay attention to their coming activities!!!

Official Website: http://www.tightbros.net

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