1218 Long Beach Ave
Downtown Los Angeles, California

The Pedal Gas Food and Lodging Fundraiser!

Hey guys, give us a push!

This is it! The cast and crew of Project Pedal are finally leaving after 3 long years of hard work.

Come support and wish them good luck before they take off : )

It'll be a great chance to thank everyone who have been supporting Pedal.

$5 donation at the door....free drinks and food included!

Sponsered by: NextNewNetworks

Official Website: http://projectpedal.com/

Added by Angela Sauceda on May 17, 2007



awesome!!!!!!!! my bday!... I think I can go...


@Mike: If you say you'll be making an appearance - I'll make sure there's a birthday cake there with your name on it :)


I'll totally be there. Awesome work!


Wish I could have been there -- have fun, y'all, and bon voyage...