330 Ritch Street
San Francisco, California

It's time for the design talent in San Francisco to "See & Be Seen." So much design talent in San Francisco & so little exposure!

This is the San Francisco version of Pecha Kucha, originally created by
Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo. The theme for this event (volume 16 in a series) is "Pop".

Here's the chance for you, designers of all kinds, to tell the world about YOUR big ideas! Break out of those pesky specialties, see what cool things are going on right here in town. Who knows you might just stimulate some cross-discipline collaborations & connections & maybe even get inspired in the process.

We have invited designers in product design, interactive media, illustration, fashion, graphics, film, architecture & landscape - virtual and real- to stand-up and show the world what they can do.

Hurry up to reserve your spot (at pechakucha-sf.com) if you want to present.


- Presentation: Each person shows 20 images. You have 20 seconds to show each image. You have no control over this. It will be programmed on a computer, so you should be fast and we recommend you practice your presentation.

- Format: 20 images in JPEG format (size: 1024 x 768 px., landscape orientation). Keep your images under 450 KB each (already compressed).

- Naming: Name your images with your initials followed by consecutive numbers, i.e. PJ-001.jpg, PJ-002.jpg, PJ-003.jpg, etc. Please practice your presentation beforehand to make sure your slides are named correctly. Please follow the format, if you don't name your images correctly the computer will order them in a wrong way and it can affect your presentation. This also makes it easier for us to run the show and handle a large amount of images : )

- Sending: Once you have your images, please e-mail them to us (no later than a day before the event). We usually have a page with a preview image of each presenter before each event, so please also send us an image that you want for your thumbnail.

- Schedule: The doors open at 7pm (19:00) & the first presentation starts at 20:20.

Pecha Kucha is a lot of fun for short attention fragments. We welcome a broad mix of participants, from well-known professionals to students, recent graduates, and new firms presenting their work for the first time.

Come thirsty and bring along your friends!

Official Website: http://www.pechakucha-sf.com/

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