570 Huaihai Xi Lu
Shanghai, Shanghai


This Thursday, Shanghai Talk is hosting "Pecha Kucha Shanghai: Volume 7" with our partners-in-crime at FAR Architecture Centre.

Pecha Kucha is a celebration of ideas. From disco queens and mini-skirts, to grenade-throwing and rugby union, we've assembled a bang-up lineup of speakers (see full list below) presenting on all sorts of curious topics. And if art, architecture, design and quirky miscellany don't tickle your fancy -- ?! -- six great wines (on offer for 20 kuai a pop) will quickly change that.

The mingling and merrymaking kicks off at 7:30pm. Bring your friends, make a night of it and come play with Shanghai Talk, FAR, and crew...

7:30pm, Thursday, August 30
Shanghai Sculpture Space (570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu)
Entrance is RMB 30 -- peanuts! -- and includes one glass o' vino.

Hope you can make it.


Pecha Kucha (pronounced pay-cha coo-cha) is an event series whose name derives from a Japanese expression for 'chit chat'. Founded in Tokyo in 2003, the phenomenon has since spread virally to roughly four dozen cities from Bangalore to Bogota.

The concept is simple enough: each presenter at a Pecha Kucha night narrates a slideshow of 20 images – each for 20 seconds – on any topic of their choosing. Each presentation is exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds long and speakers generally hail from creative backgrounds. As such, a typical night will see an eclectic mix of speakers and topics, with visuals serving as subjects, as story aids or, perhaps, simply as eye candy.

Speakers for Pecha Kucha Shanghai, Volume 7:

James Brearley, architect
"Chinese city design is too important to be left to urban planning departments"

Alan Flesher, creative coach
"Overcoming creative blockages"

Mark Elliott, writer
"Eating like a local in Shanghai"

Biljana Ciric, art curator
"The evolution of curatorial practices in China and how artists are

Christopher St. Cavish, DJ/writer
"A pseudo academic discourse on forgotten disco queens and kings"

Simon Cockerell, tour operator/film researcher
"A history of sport in North Korea, from the 1952 Prisoner of War Olympics to the world grenade-throwing champion"

Bradley Hopwood, publisher
"The basics of rugby union"

Luca Pedrotti & Laura Veroneis, graphic designers
A live audio/visual performance

Javier Castrillo, architect
"Fake: The world of artistic and everyday copycats, from Picasso to

Li Xi Er, curatorial assistant
"The Lost and Found Project"

Xiaojing Huang, product designer
"Non-traditional materials in product design"

Thomas Thompson, student
"The mini-skirt: From haute couture past to present day perceptions"

Rolf Demmler, architect/urban planner:
"An exploration of outer Shanghai, where urban meets rural"

...also featuring nectar of the gods from The Merchant, scrumptious nibbles n bites from Beca Cafe, and audiogrooves courtesy of Mr. Stokes (Bananas Soundsystem). Hiphip!

Official Website: http://www.sinocities.net/

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Messy but interesting list of speakers and topics.