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Now that gas is lower than $4/gallon again, does that mean that we've avoided peak oil? Does peak oil mean we don't have to worry about climate change? Are people who get ready for peak oil crazy — or do they know something that you don't?

In this first Post Peak Living Meetup, André will present "Peak Oil or Climate Change: Which Should You Prepare For First?" He will answer the questions above and much more. It is an in-depth version of the presentation he gives businesses and will be followed by a full hour of Q&A. Bring your questions about what we face and get them answered.

You should attend if:

* you don't know about or are unsure of what peak oil is
* you know what peak oil is but really want to get into the details and impact
* you don't know how peak oil will affect climate change
* you don't know how to prepare

You should not attend if:
* you are positive that current oil production is going to remain high, or
* at least high enough until we have a breakthrough in [insert favorite technology here]

About the Presenter
André Angelantoni is the co-founder and President of PostPeakLiving.com. He is also the primary curriculum designer for The UnCrash Course, a comprehensive, six-week online course that prepares people for the impact of peak oil, the financial crisis and climate change. He has spoken on the topic of peak oil and preparing for it to over a thousand people in businesses (Sun, eBay, venture capital companies), environmental groups, citizen groups and local government.

He also is the creator of the Preparing for a Post Peak Life video and is the primary author of The Guide to Post Peak Living.

For more (and to view the video and read the Guide), see:

Space is limited; to ensure a spot, please pay for your ticket in advance.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/PostPeakLiving/calendar/10227125

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