116 Clement Street
San Francisco, California

Just when you thought you’d heard all that the Americana/Folk revival could show you, Misner & Smith bring a freshness and lyrical vitality you won’t find anywhere else. When you hear these two you’ll think they were born to sing together, with an exceptional vocal blend that cuts right to your soul. At moments raw and powerful, and at other times hauntingly subtle, extraordinary two-part harmonies anchor Misner & Smith’s unique and compelling original music. Megan Smith plays the upright bass and mandolin while Sam Misner plays guitar, and with stellar award-winning songwriting to boot, Misner & Smith retain a connection to roots music that has been described as “the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary”.

Singer-songwriters, folk duo, Gwyneth and Monko are on the move in more ways than one. They’ve spent the majority of 2010 on the road, touring to support Good Old Horse, their first EP together. The duo's sound is somewhere between folky acoustic and indie rock. Fans of their previous record will still find their sound still heavily influenced by old-timey and Americana.

"Where the transcendent and the traditional shake hands and stomp their feet." Melody's soulful songwriting and Jacob's picking prowess join together in a duo that is creating it's own genre: "Americali". Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, respectively, Melody & Jacob represent a real fusion of ideas and sounds, with the literacy and musicianship to pull it off. Their voices harmonize earnestly over intricate textures of banjo, guitar and mandolin, as they sing of ancient truths and futuristic myths, bringing their eclectic influences to life in traditional forms.

Official Website: http://www.shelbyashpresents.net/jukebox/jukebox.html

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