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I was at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorn on June 10th from 6:30-8:00 but wasn't able to find anyone who'd admit publicly that they were Android programmers. Actually, I came to ask a question, or, I guess, a couple of questions. Maybe I can ask them now.

I'm a retired prof from PSU who has taught decision making for umpteen years and who has developed what I believe will be the world's most user-friendly decision aid. My plan is to program it in Java, so it'll run on the PC and the Mac and then, once the bugs are out, create an Android Java version, so it'll also run on the Droid.

Question One: Does this plan make sense?

Question Two: Is there a better plan?

Question Three: How much work would be involved in rewriting a Java program as an Android Java program?

Question Four: Any other words of advice? Caveats?

Many thanks! :)

Barry Anderson (503) 504-9694
[email protected]

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