8338 N Lombard St
Portland, Oregon 97203

There are bridges and there are bridges. We have a lot of them, all in a pretty little line, and they mostly go across the river in an east-west sort of orientation. But there's another bridge; it runs north-south-ish, and it goes to a magical land where flying ponies eat your parking tickets and poop rainbows. A land where kitschy little main street shops still have a place in life. A land, in short, where smart people go for eggs.

Come to John Street Cafe in St. John's to be wowed by the breakfasts, to perhaps experience a @mediachick sighting, or just to enjoy the best that St. John's has to offer for breakfast. Om nom nom.

As always, BYOB (buy your own breakfast) and hobnob with the Portland Twitter community.

Added by jpv on February 9, 2010


Paul Bingman

Weather permuting, let's go on a little downtown St Johns walkabout after breakfast. @mediaChick knows all the cool places, like bakeries and bookstores and Blue Moon (oh my)!