1140 NW Everett Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

IMPORTANT! Note the venue change!

It's the new year, and that of course means resolutions! Come share yours at the first Portland Tweetup Breakfast of 2009, at The Park Bistro.

As always, this event is BYOB (buy your own breakfast) and open to any and all who care to attend. This particular breakfast is on @evacatherder's calendar, so if you'd like to see one half of the Cubespace power team, come on down!

Added by jpv on January 5, 2009


Eva Cat Herder

oooh, I am so excited. And I am oddly pleased that you did not pick Zells. This will force me out of the 'hood!


and I was hoping for Zells. LoL, but I didn't say anything either, so I get what I deserve.


I just discovered that I have a 10:00 meeting that I'll have to get to after this - might just be coffee & toast for me, alas.


NOTE: The Park Bistro no longer serves breakfast, so we're headed to Everett Stree Bistro instead. Tell your friends!

Matt Youell

As long as it's still got the word "bistro" in it. Cuz otherwise... :)


Crap. And I was thinking about dropping in before my 10am meeting; now it's way too far away. Oh well! :)

Matt Youell

I'm afraid I must flake. This work refuses to stop being work. Catch you next time, or at least next time it's on the west side of the river.


I've been meaning to get down here for a while. I'll try to pry myself out of bed.

Mark Colman

Oh you morning people!