322 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

Lorn and Dottie have a luncheonette. That alone is awesome. Come hang with your Twitter buddies at the aforementioned luncheonette this Thursday at 9:00. That is more awesome.

As always, buy your own breakfast and talk up a storm.

Added by jpv on August 17, 2009


Steven Walling

Will try to come before I jump on the train to Gnomedex. Other Gnomedexers should come too!


2 phone alerts this time *2*!


Steven, if you need to get there earlier to facilitate train jumping, let me know. We can fiddle with the "official time" (or y'all can just come early)...

Steven Walling

No worries JP, I'm rolling out on the noon train, so it's plenty of time. Thanks for the offer though. :)


I have an appointment at 9:45, but I've heard I can eat a baby, so I'm all yours for 45 minutes. If I get up early enough.

Matt Youell

Running late but I'll be there. If I can find the place.