2301 NW Savier St.
Portland, Oregon

Portland Twitter users converge upon NW Portland for eggs 'n' things, and to discuss Cupid's fickle arrows.

Buy your own breakfast and hang with the people. Bonus points if you want to listen to JP rant some more about legal data management.

Added by jpv on February 3, 2009


Matt Youell

Is there wifi? Cuz that's the morning the Ignite tickets roll out.


No wifi, but maybe we could start at Vivace (or get a signal from there) and then move over at 9:15 :)

Matt Youell

Tix aren't available until 10 according to the site. http://www.igniteportland.com/



So you can eat fast and then run over for some post-coffee coffee.


There are plenty of tubes here, thanks to the McMenamins across the street.