8728 SE 17th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202

We move back to the east side, courtesy of Hash Restaurant and Portland Groupon. Eva scored a half-off-breakfast thingy, $12 for $25, so by all means be really nice to her for the next week and who knows? you may get a free ride.

My own attempts at adding a second Groupon to the fray were foiled by an extremely busy day and an adamant refusal to use Facebook Connect to login. I should have just bitten the bullet and done it (I eventually capitulated to get cheap acupuncture).

As always, come prepared to buy your own breakfast and you can dance and sing if you are the beneficiary of coupon goodness in any way. Lots to talk about - IP8, the nascent pdxbreakfast.com, and more...

Added by jpv on March 5, 2010