1325 NE Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97232

PDX Tweetup Breakfast crosses the river to have some eggs at Milo's City Cafe! This week's topic is "Friday the Thirteenth." As Pogo character Churchy LaFemme was prone to commenting, Friday the Thirteenth falls on a Thursday this month! What superstitions do you hold dear, and what totems do you carry to ward off evil? Come with your favorite spooky coincidence or foolproof tin foil hat. As always, buy your own breakfast and converse with Twitter users from far and near.

Located a few blocks north of the Lloyd Center on Broadway, Milo's is close to the 8 and 9 city buses. According to some, there are people who live on the east side. Such imaginary people will doubtless have no trouble finding Milo's on their own.

Added by jpv on November 10, 2008


Eva Cat Herder

Ack. I will make a tweetup breakfast at some point. But having just returned to town, I am seriously overbooked this week.


No sweat Eva, it is a rough week for many. See you at Ignite?


Imaginary people?

Tell Redd I'm on my way if I'm not there right at the crack of nine!