1332 NW 21st Ave
Portland, Oregon

...I will never go hungry again! Or at least, I will never miss this Tweetup Breakfast!

Join Twitter users and artery-o-nauts as we venture into old school territory at Joe's Cellar in the NW. Conveniently located near not much at all, Joe's is a sort of Nob Hill equivalent to Fuller's. Joe's lacks ambience out the wazoo, doesn't believe in WiFi, and serves big plates o' breakfast. You can revel in the stoicism as we (most likely fail to) discuss the lines we have drawn in the sand during our lives, and how that worked out for us all.

As always, buy your own breakfast. Bring cash - they ostensibly take cards but I bet they'll not want to run five cards for one check.

Added by jpv on March 2, 2009


Matt Youell

You had me at "big plates o' breakfast".


Thumbs up, man! Big plates o' breakfast coming soon!