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PHP user group

Building Mobile Applications for Fun and Profit

Start: Jun 10 2008 - 6:30pm
End: Jun 10 2008 - 8:00pm
Meeting Topic: June 10th Meeting


Meeting place will be CubeSpace [SE Grand & Washington]

Come learn how to use your PhP skills to quickly create mobile applications that make you money!

GoLife Mobile announces VADOWERX™, a revolutionary new Service Oriented Architecture that lets PhP and other web developers build, distribute, and monetize interconnected, personalizable, mobile applications. The VADOWERX™ ecosystem enables mobile consumers to easily discover and use a wide variety of compelling socially and contextually aware services on their phone. For example, one of our community members is actively developing an application for the Oregon swim team to provide parents with real-time meet information on their cell phones. Another partner is creating a mobile Point Of Sale solution for Latin America businesses. Using VADOWERX™, the possibilities are endless.

GoLife's Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Mounir Shita, will be presenting on VADOWERX and demonstrating how to create applications with it. Come learn more!

Software developers are a creative class of individuals and passionate about cool technology; particularly if it involves technology which can interact with the physical world. At the same time, hundreds of millions of users want to use their mobile devices to accomplish their real-world goals. Mobile technology has finally matured to the point where wireless devices can be interactive devices for accomplishing useful real-life tasks. VADOWERX™ sits at the juncture of these opportunities, fusing together diverse sources of electronic data and giving users the ability to interact with information while going about their everyday lives.

About VADOWERX™: The VADOWERX™ architecture enables developers to quickly build meaningful mobile lifestyle solutions and provide users with the compelling applications for interacting with their surroundings.

* Key features for developers include: open-standards-based development framework; horizontal integration of data sources; community driven data modeling, built-in application distribution; and revenue sharing.
* Key features for users include: a cross-device lightweight client, on-demand application access, a unique ability to customize data and display preferences, and real-world applications that enhance their lives.

Monetizing Development: To encourage an active developer community, VADOWERX™ boasts a novel reoccurring revenue model. When an application is used, unobtrusive interstitial advertising is displayed to the user. Our framework tracks advertising revenue generated by the components of each application. Developers are paid according to frequency of components use.

Official Website: http://pdxphp.org/meetings/2008/june

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