3200 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202

In the wake of Geek's Day On and the inauguration of Barack Obama, we'll either be mega-enthused or incredibly tired. And some of us may or may not be able to even look at bacon. However the wind blows, Sanborn's restaurant can cure what ails you, or fuel what excites you.

Suggested topic for this bi-monthly breakfast meetup of Portland Twitter users: Can We? What can we do, now that the "yes we did" is official? Don't worry if that sounds heavy, we almost never talk about the suggested topic!

As always, this event is BYOB (buy your own breakfast) and open to all with an interest in Portland, Twitter, Breakfast, or a combination of same.

Added by jpv on January 17, 2009



I officially can't go but I hope everyone else does!