1412 Se 12th ave, Portland
Portland, Oregon

1. Install the Waze application from the Android Marketplace watch the demo here www.waze.com (Its FREE)

2. 7:00pm Leave from anywhere in PDX, enter the address 1412 Se 12th ave, Portland

3. If the route is wrong just drive the correct way and you will be teaching Waze

4. Along the way chomp as many points as you can and test out the app (Integrate road tweets from settings, record new roads, report traffic or hazards)

5. Converge at Whiffies at 7:30pm

6. Give feedback, get brief demo on road geeking.

7. Eat Free PIE at 8pm for all drivers who RSVP!

We will help get cars for Android + iPhone users with no car and help get Android phones or iPhones for those with cars who want to join in!

Oh Yeah! Geeking, driving and pies!
Best, Di-Ann

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Added by tryggrv on August 10, 2009