122 North Second Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

On April 10, 20008, PayPal is hosting a free event called "Paypal Developer Day Phoenix 2008" which is a one-day intensive workshop on the latest PayPal payment products and solutions. They're discussing soon-to-be-released features, new APIs & SDKs, answering any technical questions from PayPal experts, and you can network with other developers in the Phoenix community. The PayPal Certified Developer examination will be offered free of charge ($150 value).

Experienced developers who build e-commerce sites, cart owners/developers who provide shopping carts, and PayPal merchants who do their own website development are encouraged to attend. There's no charge for the event, but advance registration is required. The event will be held at The Hyatt Regency in Phoenix. Get details @ https://www.paypal-promo.com/developer/landing.html and register here @ https://www.paypal-promo.com/developer/index.html

Official Website: https://www.paypal-promo.com/developer/index.html

Added by Brodyh22 on March 25, 2008