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Paul Metzger
Forgotten Works
Nate Scheible & Matthew Wascovich Duo

"Paul Metzger has graced Minneapolis with his guitar and banjo playing in various contexts for over twenty years, but this is the first time I've encountered him. On the strength of his side-long performance here, that's a serious deficit. Many Westerners borrow a few elements from raga styles, and a few musicians from other disciplines are serious students of Hindustani and Carnatic lore, but Metzger's guitar playing sounds like the real thing. And yet it's true to the what-the-fuck spirit that's motivated the best punk, jazz, and free music of any stripe. John McLaughlin had his guitar fitted with scalloped frets and sympathetic strings; Metzger has pimped his ride with music boxes. They somehow keep up a running dialog with his dramatic strums and swooning slide licks that sounds so a propos that the word gimmick never finds its way into the conversation. "August,which also lasts the whole side, is like a long fading glow, a sunset raga worth returning to over and over again." -Bill Meyer, Signal to Noise
(Paul Metzger on MySpace)

From Minneapolis. Forgotten Works is the moniker of Erik Wivinus when working in a largely solo and predominantly acoustic capacity. These performances tend toward long-form, raga-tinged mystical improvisations for 6 and 12 string guitars, with the occasional foray into vocal territory.

Drum and guitar duo from Cleveland, Ohio. Scheible & Wascovich both play in Thee Scarcity of Tanks along with other collaborations.
Slow Toe Publications & Records
YouTube: 1 Way - Nate Scheible & Matthew Wascovich duo -May 29, 2007
MySpace: The Scarcity of Tanks

Official Website: http://www.visiblevoicebooks.com/newsEvents/news.html

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