3 Bridge Street
Truro, England TR1 2AA

The monthly meet up for geeks, designers and other new media creative types in Cornwall continues to grow!

Pasty Standards is the West Country take on the popular Pub Standards who describe the evening thus:

"Where the worlds of web and booze collide, slap-bang in the middle of Cornwall. Arranging meet-ups, every now and then, where like minded web peeps with sore livers can share these very special interests."

Which basically means a load of web folk meeting up in the pub for drink and discourse.

There is a great mix of seasoned veterans, freelancers and peeps just starting out. Come along and bring a friend.

Official Website: http://pastystandards.co.uk

Added by Binarytales on January 14, 2009



This is quite possibly the best thing ever. Hang out with geeks, drink beer AND eat pasties? Makes me ashamed to be in London and the Home Counties.