3 Bridge Street
Truro, England TR1 2AA

The third meet up for geeks, designers and other creative and tech types in Cornwall.

These geeky meet-ups sure are addictive. Join your fellow geeks for a festive drink and chat at this months Pasty Standards.

Also, check out our spiffy new website: http://pastystandards.co.uk/


Pasty Standards is the West Country take on the popular Pub Standards who describe the evening thus:

"Where the worlds of web and booze collide, slap-bang in the middle of Cornwall. Arranging meet-ups, every now and then, where like minded web peeps with sore livers can share these very special interests."

Which basically means a load of web designers meeting up in the pub for drink and discourse.

Official Website: http://pastystandards.co.uk/

Added by Binarytales on November 12, 2008