Piccadilly Station
London, England W1

There will be a party on the Piccadilly line on Tuesday 31st July. Meet 7pm at Piccadilly Circus and catch the southbound train. Everyone welcome

Bring music, small sound systems, balloons, funny hats, your drinks of choice, and a sense of fun. Oh and bring friends

On Wednesday anywhere up to one million Londoners, may be banned from using the Piccadilly line in an injunction taken out by BAA (The British Airports Authority) See http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/jul/27/climatechange

That could well includes you

The injunction is designed to prevent ordinary people attending this year’s climate camp, a fun, peaceful week of workshops and talks about climate change. See http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/

So this may be your last chance to enjoy the Piccadilly line, so let’s make a night of it.

Final details.
To keep the party/picnic as sane and safe as possible please observe the following details.

1) Arrive at Piccadilly Circus by 7pm. Enter the station and wait on the Westbound Piccadilly line platform. That’s the one going south towards Heathrow.
2) When the signal is given get on the train, fill the train up from the front carriages. The last two carriages will be designated quiet carriages. Please avoid these.
3) Travel south to Heathrow round the loop and back to Piccadilly Circus (by 10pm). Do not leave the train at Heathrow.
4) Have fun, party, picnic, dance, drink fizzy pop, bring food to share etc
5) You are not breaking any laws, but if asked to do something by underground staff etc, be nice, and use your own personal discretion
6) Buy a valid ticket for Zones 1-6
7) Dress either like a commuter, or for a day out in the country. Tweed, green wellies, barbour jackets, walking sticks, deer stalkers, and binoculars are all cool.
8) If the tube train is too crowded, then please take care and wait for the next train.
9) If for any reason the station is closed or inaccessible then please go to either Leicester Square or Covent Garden and catch a southbound train from there.
10) Stay safe and have fun

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=3256256327

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