3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, California

SPEAKER: Bernard Kerr, Design Lead del.icio.us and Joshua Schachter Founder of del.icio.us; director of engineering, Yahoo! Inc

"ABSTRACT: Del.icio.us has fundamentally changed the way people bookmark and discover the best things on the web. With its launch in 2003, it unleashed the concepts of social bookmarking and tagging on the web, which have inspired an entire generation of social sites.

Many millions of bookmarks later, del.icio.us is now preparing for the next stage of its journey: a new release that features a fresh design with many new features. This talk will explore the unique design challenges of evolving an iconic design into a much richer experience that attracts new users without alienating the existing ones. We will share many of the lessons learned along the way, and show how these have affected our thinking and the upcoming design.

This is the 11th talk in our special forum series on Going Beyond Web 2.0. Talks in this series are being made available online at both www.parc.com/forum as well as on Google Video."

Official Website: http://www.parc.com/forum

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